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TradeTek for Estimating Teams

Designed for Estimating Teams of All Sizes

TradeTek is designed specifically to work well for Estimating Teams from large to small.  With desktop versions for both Windows and macOS, multiple licensing options to fit your organizations needs, a robust library of training resources and multiple options for data storage locationsTradeTek is the most complete and versatile takeoff & estimating solution for your team.

TradeTek is available in native versions for both Windows and macOS, allowing your organization and team members to work with hardware that best suits your needs and preferences.  All application files are cross platform and interchangeable, so your users can mix and match operating systems as desired.


With multiple licensing options available, TradeTek is the most versatile takeoff & estimating solution on the market. 


The Desktop License option licenses the application to one computer at a time, allowing you to move the license between computers and is offered as a one time purchase or monthly subscription


With the Floating License option, TradeTek can be installed on an unlimited number of Windows and/or macOS computers, where TradeTek executes on the local computer with full CPU and multi-core processor performance.  The server application which is installed on your organization's local area network server allows the purchased user count to run TradeTek concurrently.  In order for this licensing option to work, all users must be connected to your local area network.  This option is offered as a one time purchase which includes 3 users.  Additional users can be added as needed.


The Network License option is installed on a Windows or macOS server and is accessed remotely by each user via virtual desktop.  Software performance will vary depending on the server hardware specifications and number of users per server.  Users need full read/write access to the Windows Public folder or macOS Shared folder.  This option is offered as a monthly subscription which includes 3 users.  Additional users can be added as needed.

Companies can mix multiple license types as needed.  All TradeTek generated files (preferences, jobs, lists, assemblies, images, reports) are cross platform and will work regardless of license type or operating system.

TradeTek job files can be stored locally, on a server or in the cloud, making it easy for estimating teams and managers to be able to access the same job files. 


Connecting to External Lists in TradeTek will allow multiple estimator's computers to be connected to the same database file, which can be located on a server or in the cloud.  Update pricing and other data in one location and all connected estimators can update the connected list in TradeTek with one click.

The extensive library of TradeTek help videos and complete user guide make it fast and easy to get new team members up and running with the software.  We also provide one-on-one online training, consulting services and on-site training for companies with multiple users.

Access the Customer Account Page from the File menu to view purchase and license details including currently activated users.

Using a Remote Desktop App on a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPadAndroid  Phone or an Android Tablet, you can access TradeTek for use when traveling or on a job site.  Microsoft Remote Desktop can be freely installed on a macOS computer to run TradeTek Windows in the cloud.

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