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TradeTek is Enterprise Level Software

Enterprise Level Construction Estimating Software

TradeTek Takeoff & Estimating Software is designed to handle the largest projects, without sacrificing software performance.  Create jobs containing hundreds of plan pages.  Create and customize as many robust takeoff assemblies as you need to perform detailed, accurate takeoffs, or purchase a TradeTek Bundle from the TradeTek Store that's already built and configured for your particular trade.  Build as many custom reports as you need to manage your business the way that you want to.  Create or connect to as many large database lists as needed to handle your complex estimating needs.

Does your current takeoff software solution get bogged down with large projects?  If you are estimating large projects, TradeTek is a must have.  Available in both Windows and macOS versions, TradeTek is a 64-bit modern software application that is designed to take advantage of the latest advances in hardware technology, such as faster multi-core processors, advanced graphics cards and larger amounts of RAM.

Complete your large project takeoffs faster and more accurately with TradeTek!  Designed to be used by large teams, TradeTek is ideal for companies with multiple estimatorsJob files can be stored on a server or in the cloud so that all team members have access.  Only 1 user at a time is allowed in a job, so there's no need to worry about job access conflicts.  Custom assembly groups, database lists and reports can be easily shared with multiple estimators with a simple export / import process.

Build your database right in TradeTek or connect to external database or spreadsheet files with your item pricing, product codes and anything else that you need.  Do you already use project management or ERP software?  Buy or create a plugin that utilizes TradeTek's API to integrate with your project management or ERP software to import your database into TradeTek and then send your completed takeoff out as a quote.  TradeTek allows you to completely automate your estimating and bidding process, saving time and improving accuracy.

If you're looking for the best construction estimating app available, look no further.  TradeTek is quickly becoming one of the most widely used construction estimating programs in the industry.  When evaluating potential construction takeoff software solutions, be sure that the software has all of the features and capability that you need to streamline your estimating process as much as possible.  TradeTek is designed for use by multiple team members.  It is also designed to integrate with all of your other software solutions helping to streamline your overall estimating process.


"After working with other takeoff and estimating programs and owning my own estimating service company, I needed a platform that would provide the most detailed and accurate reports with the same "appearance" so my customers receive the same deliverables NO matter the estimator assigned!  I can finally build reports and import/export data such as pricing!  TradeTek software checked ALL the boxes that met the requirements I need for having an edge over the other providers!"

 - Total Takeoffs

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