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TradeTek Integrations

TradeTek Software Integrations

TradeTek can be integrated with many ERP, POS, Construction Management and Accounting software applications making your estimating process much more efficient.

TradeTek's capabilities allow the user to use the database lists that they have already created in their Enterprise Resource Planning, Point of Sale, Construction Management or Accounting software.  The takeoff assemblies in TradeTek are connected directly to the database lists and the cost each, item code and any other needed data for each item is automatically pulled in as a property value.  These values can then be used to perform quantity calculations, generate cost reports and generate export files that can be exported out of TradeTek and imported directly into your management or accounting software to set up the new quote or job.

Contact us for more information on how TradeTek can integrate with the most widely used software applications in the construction industry:

TradeTek Integrates with Procore
TradeTek Integrates with Epicor Bistrack
TradeTek Integrates with Buildertrend
TradeTek Integrates with ECI Spruce
TradeTek Integrates with Contractor Foreman
TradeTek Integrates with Craftsman Data

Contact us for more information regarding other software integrations.

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