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TradeTek Handles your Entire Estimating Process

Generate preliminary budgetsdetailed estimates and project bids in a fraction of the time that it takes to complete manually.  TradeTek is designed and developed to handle your entire estimating process from start to finish.

TradeTek Handles your Entire Estimating Process

TradeTek can easily integrate with your point of sale, accounting or construction management software.  Easily create a report layout that will export as an Excel or CSV file and import into your accounting software or create or purchase an integration plugin utilizing the TradeTek API.

TradeTek is quicky becoming one of the most widely used construction estimating software programs in the industry.  The built-in database lists allow you to update pricing all in one place, then update your TradeTek jobs and assemblies with one click.  If you're looking for the best construction calculation software, look no further.

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