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TradeTek for GC's

The Best Takeoff & Estimating Solution for General Contractors 

Regardless of how you run your business, TradeTek can be customized to fit your exact estimating needs.  Whether you self-perform all work, sub-contract all work or a combination of both, TradeTek is the complete takeoff & estimating solution for GC's that will help you to WIN MORE BIDS!

Are you overwhelmed with potential projects that you need to generate quick estimates for?  Quickly create custom assemblies and reports to generate fast conceptual and budget estimates, detailed material lists, purchase orders, detailed cost estimates and bid proposalsExport the reports to Excel or PDF right out of TradeTek.

Create your own database lists with costs right in the software or connect to external database or spreadsheet files.  When costs change, you can quickly update all of your connected assemblies and jobs with the click of a button.

Already use ERP, Point of Sale or Project Management software that contains your database?  Buy or create a plugin that connects TradeTek directly to your database and then import your quote directly out of TradeTek into the other software.  TradeTek's API makes integration easy.

Estimating Software for GC's

Whether your company is large or small, TradeTek has you covered.  Job files can be stored locally or located in shared servers or in the cloud, making it easy for multiple computers to work in the same job.  TradeTek is designed to work well with 1 estimator or a large team.  Preference, Job, Templates, List and Report files can easily be shared between both Windows and Mac computers running TradeTek.  Work in a job that's stored in the cloud from your desktop computer in your office, then work in that same job from your laptop in the field with no file moving required!


"I have been using TradeTek software for a couple months now and absolutely love the layout and feel of the Software. I was previously using another brand very similar, but they have taken this to the next level and then some. Easy to learn and love the databases which you can customize that way that you want them. Reports are great as well very customizable.
Great Job TradeTek!"

 - Triple Crown Homes

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