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Getting Started Floating License

Please be sure that all windows are closed on your computer prior to starting the installation process.

For Windows

After installing TradeTek for Windows, before launching it for the first time, you need to add the TradeTek Software application folder as an exclusion in Windows Security to ensure that it functions properly.

  1. Right click on the Start Icon , then click Settings.

  2. In the “Find a setting” search bar at the top left corner, type “exclusions” then tap the Enter key.

  3. In the main area, click on “Virus & threat protection”.

  4. Under “Virus & threat protection settings” click “Manage Settings”.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Under “Exclusions”, click “Add or remove exclusions”.

  6. Click the “Add an exclusion” button, then select “Folder”.

  7. Navigate to C:\Program Files, click on the “TradeTek Software” folder to select it, then tap the “Select Folder” button.

  8. Restart the computer before launching TradeTek for the first time.

It is absolutely required to add TradeTek as an exclusion to both the Windows security as well as any 3rd party anti-virus software in order to ensure that certain functionalities in TradeTek are not blocked.

For macOS

If you're installing on a Mac, this page may present over top of the installer dialogs before the installation is complete.  If this happens, please minimize this page, complete the install and then come back to this page once the installation is complete.

The first time that you launch TradeTek on a Mac, if prompted about accessing files in the Documents folder, click YES.  If you accidentally click NO, click System Settings in the dock, choose Privacy & Security, select Files and Folders, select TradeTek and enable access to Desktop Folder and Documents Folder.

If TradeTek is already installed, first drag it from Applications folder to the trash.

When installing any edition of TradeTek, you must complete the Ghostscript install process the first time.

When reinstalling any edition of TradeTek, you do not need to run the Ghostscript installer again.

For Windows & macOS

If TradeTek installed correctly, you should have this icon on your desktop in Windows or in the Applications folder on a Mac.  Drag the TradeTek application to your dock at the bottom of the screen for fast access.

TradeTek Logo

The installed location for Windows is - C:\Program Files\TradeTek Software\TradeTek.

The installed location for macOS is - Applications folder.

If you don't have the icon or you received some error messages during the installation process, more than likely your anti-virus software or Windows Defender probably blocked part or all of the installation.  If this happened, uninstall TradeTek, turn all anti-virus software off and re-install TradeTek.

When you launch TradeTek for the first time, you'll be presented with a dialog to enter the IP Address of the server.  If the Administrator has changed the default port number, enter that port number as well.

Each user account needs full read/write access to C:\Users\Public\Ticket for Windows users or /Users/Public/Ticket for macOS users.

If you are having problems getting TradeTek activated, contact your local Administrator.

Check out the User Guide and Training Videos located in the Help tab.  The Tutorial video located in the Getting Started video category will help you to understand how to quickly get TradeTek setup to fit your specific needs.  If you would like to schedule training, visit the Training page.

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